Hello there Fashion Lovers .. Welcome to Lady Loves Fashion!

Finally!!!! I got myself into gear and got the second edition of Lady Loves underway… second edition being, Lady Loves Fashion and the first edition being Lady Loves Beauty!

So what can you expect from Lady Loves…?

Well.. I have a bit of an obsession with fashion, style, creative outfits, discovering brands, and generally scouting the web in search of the next big thing before anyone else. I love creating trends, styling, personal shopping, I am the ‘go to’ person from friends and clients on Fashion and Beauty .. (mainly because im a bit of a know it all!)

I shall be bringing you weekly (hopefully daily) posts on all that is new in from some stores you may love already and some you may have never heard of, so by subscribing to the blog, you will receive an email containing the post of the best new in pieces saving you scouring hours on the net (which we all know is rather difficult to do whilst at work and have the boss keeping an eye, they don’t seem to understand the compelling need for a woman to stalk net-a-porter and other such sites (more on this compelling OCD later) … so I am bringing the news to you, consolidated, concise, and straight to your inbox.

Lady Loves Beauty is the home to discuss fashion, I want to be very interactive with my readers, so please keep up to date with me on Twitter @LadyLovesBlog and on Facebook Lady Loves.

I am bursting at the seams with new Fashion Posts, so Stay Tuned, stay Subscribed, and Follow….

Love Lady Loves<3




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