DreamBoarding LOVE <3

So… I was going to wait until the finished product… but since I have started .. I seem to be getting a little carried away with myself and decided to share…(as you can see.. all sorts of cut outs spaced out on the floor..)

DreamBoarding… I love doing this is January, every year I have a book where I cut out my favourite things, from fashion to beauty, colours, fabrics, adverts, slogans, inspiring text, it really can be anything, but it has to mean something to me, I have to ‘feel’ it.

This year I decided to go one bigger and better, and create a more open visual dreamboard, one which I will share with you lot, (you really should feel privileged.. this is like the equivalent of a diary to me!)

This will be on display in my room for me to look at every day and gain inspiration from. The beauty with dreamboards is that you change and add to them throughout the year, it shows at a glance the things you are working on and aspiring to work towards.

I shall be posting a more in-depth post on ‘How to Create’ your own dream / story board, it’s a nice little change from just making ‘Lists’ and god knows, us women like to make a list!!!

Love Lady Loves xxx

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