Fashion Forward 2012

Hello Fashion lovers

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Happy 2012!!

Apologies for the lack of posts…. Christmas seemed to smack me in the face and I was not prepared, so the blog got a little neglected, so I figured, start a fresh in the New Year, (better late than never).

I have spent this last week gushing over styles and getting excited about fashion for 2012. (Just a normal day then…)

From Angelina Jolie’s breathtaking dress at the Golden Globe awards. I was speechless, the tone of the dress draped on her flawless nude skin tone with the flash of red worked simply perfectly, (see below).

To Wedged trainers! I have been obsessing over these since last summer, but had not found too many variations as most of them come with a white rubber sole and toe cap… this is not really my style, a little to close to the trainer side than I would like. Although I am happy to report that more designers have jumped on this bandwagon and there is quite an array of styles and colours, from casual to smart, sporty to dressy, I shall definitely be adding at least one pair of these to my wardrobe for 2012. (ASH have been making wedge trainers for years, take a look at their collection..)

Every January I go through a cleansing process.. I am not referring to some disgusting green drink to cleanse me of toxins, no no, more of a home cleansing, taking a look at my collections of clothes, reinventing some, binning others, and deciding what my ‘look’ will be for the year.

This year I am quite excited, I shall be developing Alex + Ria my clothing collection, featuring affordable Luxe clothing, transforming simplistic styles into fashion art, this is mainly for my own wearing, (as I am such a fussy shopper when it comes to materials, cuts, sewing etc) however who knows where that journey may take me… Perhaps a little boutique clothing store styling the worlds most fashionable people, ok maybe I did get a little carried away, but we can all but dream ;).

So lots to come over the next year, make sure you are subscribed (so you get Lady Loves Fashion straight to your inbox!) Follow me on Twitter (@Ladylovesblog) and Like me on Facebook Lady Loves to keep up with daily news and findings, (I discover lots of fashion finds throughout the day where Facebook and twitter are easier to publish… otherwise I would be blog posting every second I come across something I like, which may get a bit boring and I don’t want to fill your inbox with ramblings!!

Love Lady Loves




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