Polyvore Love

I thought I would share my Lady Loves Polyvore page on here since it is such an easy way to create ideas with fashion. I have a bit of an obsession with this site, and have done for many years.

From creating sets, to collections, it is the perfect online diary / dream board platform.

Sign up is free, you can follow the people you like, who have similar styles to you, or have amazing inspirational sets, it’s a fantastic fashion community.

I love flicking through various sets before getting ready for a night out. From typing simple words like, chic, smokey, boho you are presented with an amazing array of ideas, perfect for those days when “I have nothing to wear” when clearly if you were to see my closet you would think otherwise. This site recreates ideas which can make your old black skinny jeans the perfect item for a night out after some divine inspiration from the sets you have seen.

Below is a link to my Polyvore. Let me know what you think, I have lots of unfinished drafts which will be going live shortly.

See for yourself 😉


Love Lady Loves xxx


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