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Hello Everyone 😉

I hope you are all well. What drab drab weather we are having here in the UK. Not feeling like summer at all.

In times like this I turn to creating – ideas and concepts, in fashion of course. I am a long time lover of and – browsing endless ‘looks‘ and ‘sets‘ for fashion and style ideas. You can of course create your own fashion visions.

The latest to the table of fashion mood boarding success is StyleFruits. It popped up on my Facebook recently as a ‘suggested’ site. It was in fact a site I was interested in, so happily gave it a ‘like’.

StyleFruits allows you to create your very own profile for free where you can answer style questions, ask some of your own, browse the latest fashion items from their participating brands as well as being able to create your own looks in a very simple way.


Compatibility issues with Polyvore and Shopstyle on the iPad make it a little bit difficult to become obsessed, with apps crashing and sets not saving after hours have been spent on them, really not ideal. With StyleFruits however, it is completely compatible with an iPad and makes creating so easy. Something for everyone.

I have been somewhat addicted to this website over the last few days, cramming in style boards wherever I can, come take a look at my profile, my screen name is Lady Loves and you can find me by searching for my email,

I shall be posting some of my sets for you to see, I love that they have a mixture of expensive and affordable clothing. One of my all time style tips is playing with outfits that incorporate vintage, luxe and budget brands. Your look becomes more interesting and has a story to tell.

Head on over to StyleFruits and create your profile. Tweet me with your outfit creations and I’ll let you know what I think.

You will become so addicted. I cannot wait to see the amazing outfits you all create. Remember to add me on StyleFruits and tweet me your outfits @LadyLovesBlog

Have a wonderful day people

Lots of Love

Lady Loves Fashion


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