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Super Supra

Well hello Summer! I have got to say I just love the above trainers from Supra. This is an amazing collaboration between the Supra brand and Italian artists Maurizio Molin who creates stunning snake-skin prints and has incorporated this into the latest Skytop trainer.
I love these because they truly are like a piece of art. These are THE ultimate trainer to be seen in this summer. Still rather edgy with a girly twist. Then we come to the sole.
Oh the sole. The beautiful pink sole. Not quite as fabulous as Louboutin red, but a similar wow effect. Little details like this really catch my eye, the designers have thought long and hard about every aspect of the design, right down the sole which really only sees the floor. Fabulous.
I actually discovered these on an Australian website, I have a habit of shopping worldwide as I find different countries have a different style so when looking for something different that no one will have I take to the overseas market to discover some truly amazing brands and finds then spend forever searching for them in the UK if they site does not ship overseas.
You can pick these beauties up for £75 from the Supra website, a really worth while investment I think. These Supra Skytop Trainers would look amazing worn with denim shorts and a cropped tee, messy hair, jewellery and some eyeliner to define your eyes.
Due to the style being a little more girly you could totally go Lilly Allen-esque and rock these with some girly dresses. Very versatile.
These gorgeous little beauties are on my wish list this summer, and should I not find anything better I will definitely be purchasing.
So summery and beautiful and undoubtably comfortable.
See these and other fabulous styles at
Please do leave your comments and thoughts below, what do you think about these trainers?
D xxx
Lady Loves Fashion

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