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What I am wearing today What I am wearing today


I thought I would start to post some of my outfits. I seem to get stopped regularly with people asking me where I have bought items I am wearing or just to say that they love my style. So I thought it may be an idea to share with all of you lovely people and also get your thoughts.

Here we have (apologies for the dodgy phone picture – I need to replace my camera!!) a gorgeous maxi dress which I actually bought about 5 years ago and hid it away for a few years before wearing it. Needless to say the print is very on trend for being a few seasons old, I guess I must just have an eye for forecasting trends.

With the hot weather it is not always so easy to pull off a fabulous outfit in the heat. I try to keep things quite understated and opt for light materials with bold prints, this allows you to relax on the accessories side, have soft toussled hair and even have very nude make up. The print says it all and as long as you style accordingly and keep everything else rather muted and simple you will pull off this outfit rather WOW. I wear this dress with some simple tan and gold sandals / flip flops.

Perfect day to night wear, simply smoke up the eyes and add a red/ pink lip. Voila!

What do you think?

D xxx

Lady Loves Fashion


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