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Here we have the bones of an outfit. I have deliberately not included any shoes or bottoms because I want to highlight the versatility of this outfit.

This is where you buy one outfit but can make many many more from it. Which in turn makes the buying part easier to justify.

The ASOS Back Detail Jumper now £24, is so simplistic but from behind creates quite a statement. I love clothing that has and interesting back to it. This jumper being one of them. It can be worn alone or as a cover up. Be a casual jumper or a dressy one.

Imagine this… Denim shorts, Vans (or other canvas like footwear), neon t shirt. Then add the jumper, it becomes your cover up when it gets chilly but still conveys style due to the open back – which will be showing the neon t shirt through the holes. Add the beautiful stacked bangles and cross over quilted bag and voila we have one outfit.

For an evening look, you could wear with denim jeans, high heels, and the jumper on its own so it will show off your back, being very subtle but sexy.
Swap the jeans for leather look leggings, style your hair messy and make up quite dark and smokey – compile the bangles, bag and jumper and we have yet another foxy outfit.
You could even swap the leather look leggings for a skirt or some shorts, experiment with prints and textures. The options really are endless.

The Designsix Tube Stack Bangles now £13.50, again are so very versatile, you could throw these on with most outfits to add a little extra style. The same goes for the River Island Quilt and Chain Detail Across Body Bag now £20, a beautiful orange colour, which will work with most day and evening outfits.

It really is no surprise I have picked an orange bag, if you follow me you will see a pattern forming as I think it is the best colour this summer. It changes an outfit and is so vibrant. Why would you not want one?!

All of the items above are available at ASOS, this week with 20% off (prices above are inclusive of the discount) so what more of an excuse do you need?

I shall be bringing you more outfit ideas this week from ASOS, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any style questions or need some advice.

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