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Bags, bags, bags, bags! I cannot get enough of them. Coloured, printed, vintage, new, leather, the options are endless. A bag can change the statement of an outfit, catch someone’s eye and complete a look. I love bags.

Now with that semi rant over, on to the selections above from ASOS. Very bright, I hear you say! Well of course, I am a little fanatical about colour (even more so since I have turned blonde) I find colour to brighten my mood and add a little something extra to my outfits. Here is why bags are my number one accessory (aside from statement necklaces of course).

From top left we have the ASOS Satchel Bag with Scallop Trim and Front Straps now £17.50, such a classic style, great spacious bag, the colour is great, and if you wanted to change it even more to make it unique, you could tie a short colourful scarf or material around the strap, or add a brooch to tune it to your own style. The green really caught my eye, it had a real vintage feel to it despite being new. This bag will compliment many an outfit.

Next we have the New Look Phoebe Eyelet Winged Shopper Bag now £14 really nice neutral colour, versatile for day wear and could even come in handy as a chic work wear bag. The Phoebe Eyelet Winged Shopper had great structure to it therefore should last a longer time and maintain its shape rather nicely, such a lovely addition to your handbag wardrobe.

Now you know I love this bag, the
River Island Quilt and Chain Detail Across Body Bag now £20, I featured it the other day in one of my Style Idea Outfits, (you can read that here). A gorgeous cross over body bag in my favourite colour, orange. Oh the possibilities for this bag. Wear with almost everything, transform a black outfit or some jeans with this pop of colour. This is my favourite so far, however the next bag is a very close second.

The Cambridge Satchel Company Limeade Leather – Exclusive to ASOS now £84.
Now, how is that for some colour! Neon yellow to be precise. At first I thought it was a little loud, but when I began styling around it, it reminded me of my neon yellow scarf which I cleverly coordinate with navy blue and behold the outfit is transformed. The same can be applied with this satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Company. Navy blue and neon are best friends and go so well together they probably should be lovers. This bag has an enormous amount of versatility and should I be going to a festival this summer, this would be an item I would be packing, raving safe with my belongings intact inside the satchel and not getting in my way as I have it across my body, you can still emulate cool when dancing your socks off!

Head on over to ASOS to view more from their amazing 20% off offer running this week only on selected styles. (The above items are already inclusive of the discount).

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