ASOS Sale – Gift Ideas – Snoods! | Lady Loves Fashion


Everyone loves a snood. They used to be so 80’s and something your granny would wear in the winter to keep the chill from her neck, possibly with a rain cap over the top of it. Granny chic. Nowadays the snood has been reinvented, less tight around the neck and face and more colour, texture and variety than ever before.

I find snoods to be one of the best accessories. Get the right kind of pattern and you can add statement to an outfit – similar to that of a statement necklace.

From top left we have the Pieces Ilona Snood now £8, really nice neutral colour with a tribal trim. Great with denim and leather! Next is the ASOS Wallpaper Print Snood now £5.50 yes you read right – only £5.50. Quite frankly I am remarkably surprised that such a gorgeous item even made it to the sale. Hurry up and buy it before those lovely people at ASOS notice the price, this surely has to be a typo. LOOK at the colour, that vibrant print. I need it in my life.

Last but not least the ASOS Monochrome Aztec Print Snood now £7, a great everyday number which is very on trend. This would make a great gift for your girlfriends. Great quality at a bargain price.

A really nice selection of snoods, the ASOS Wallpaper Print Snood is my favourite and I still cannot get over the price! What do you think?

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