Accessorize Accessories – Necklace Must Haves | Lady Loves Fashion


I was walking around Brighton yesterday browsing the shops for some cool finds. I saw these three beautiful necklaces in Accessorize and loved how simple but eye catching these three necklaces were.

From the top left we have the Cotton Torque Rope Necklace (£8) with a gold trim at the bottom, this necklace sits nicely on the chest and would be perfect with a white T-shirt and some jeans. Next we have a longer necklace with multiple thin ropes, half blue half gold (£12), again really simple but would look perfect with a nice dress or underneath a denim jacket. A really good everyday accessory. Below that we have another rope style necklace (£17) similar to the first but with embellishments. Wear this if you want to dress up a casual outfit or if you have a BBQ or gatherings to go to and do not want to be too dressy but you still want to look fabulous.

You can purchase the above three necklaces in store at Accessorize or online.

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