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On Friday I was at a fabulous wedding. My dear friend Lindsay Katherine Fergusson (former Miss Brighton) got married in an outstanding gown with a long veil, (see photo below).

20130911-185106.jpgGuests included renowned author and artist Peter Jarrette, amazing designer Natalie Wileman, Miss USA, Miss Ireland and Miss America, to name a few.

I decided to go couture, wearing my one off AILSA print skirt. This is a full length skirt which hangs beautifully and moves with such elegance, structured yet soft in its movement. The print is so very eye catching and stands out a mile. I had the pleasure of modelling for AILSA for a number of years and have racked up quite a collection of her one off couture items. The vision of the brand is confidence, the AILSA girl eludes confidence and owns the clothing. I needed to be an AILSA girl that day.

I teamed my printed AILSA maxi skirt with a plain black bandeau top, and my open toe woven ankle shoes. Accessories wise I wore a gold plate necklace instead of the one pictured above. The funny thing about this necklace is that I wear it backwards. The correct side has a white floral print, and the back is quite scruffed and vintage looking, it compliments many an outfit, one necklace but two looks. I swapped out the black box clutch (by Armani) for my vintage alligator clutch bag. Giving my outfit an added edge, a playful mix of colour, couture, vintage & inventiveness.

This was a great outfit to wear for the wedding, and what a wonderful day it was. The sun came out and we partied all night. This skirt is perfect for dancing with, one quick swirl in a circle and the fabric floats around like something you would see in a fairytale. Fabulous.

What do you think of my outfit?

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