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The fantastic collection by Danish Wakeel, an up and coming designer specialising in menswear. Danish Wakeel studied at London College of Fashion and graduated with a masters in Fashion specialising in Menswear.His energetic show at London Fashion Week brought his collection to life on the catwalk.

20131008-101455.jpgA range of colours and draped fabrics, the menswear range appears comfortable, easy to wear and very versatile. Pictured above is a selection of items from the Wakeel collection, a variety of colour and excitement is present, from blazers with a deconstructed style, very on trend ombré effects, tailored shirts, enchanting jersey wear and underwear.

20131008-101540.jpgWakeel has also included a small range of woman’s wear into his collection, the images below show simple strap dresses with similar prints to that of the menswear collection, infusing continuity through both men’s and women’s wear. My favourite of the woman’s wear collection is the second picture from the left. I just love the draped metallic effect jacket, the print on the side has movement in the way it has been fashioned onto the garment, this for me is ready to wear straight from the catwalk and would be an enviable item of clothing to have. Wear on a night out or with some casual jeans and heels, simply perfect.

Below shows Wakeel himself modelling for his own collection (bottom right corner), the images below show a more tailored edge with an evening twist. More of a formal tone, smart trousers, shirts, waistbands and uniquely designed blazers. This would be an ideal wedding outfit selection for the groomsmen, if you fancy having a designer inspired wedding suit, Wakeel could be your man.

20131008-101753.jpgWakeel gave us an insight into his influences for this collection in an exclusive interview with Lady Loves Fashion. Read what he had to say below.

LL: What was your main inspiration for this collection?
DW: The main inspiration behind the collection has been the fascination with the city of Venice.

LL: Who has influenced the collection?
DW: I was influenced with the Italian culture particularly the romance in the city of the masks, bridges and the ‘Queen of the Adriatic. I amalgamated the influences of hedonism into the collection by a careful selection of luxurious and opulent fabrics, the attention to detail, immaculate tailoring and impeccable craftmanship.
Masquerade Ball which is one of the most celebrated festivals in Venice has been the main inspiration and the nuances of it could be seen in the breathtaking embroideries.
Royalty, uninhibited extravagance and sartorial elegance are further fused into the creations. I have been also looking and sudying the infrastructure and landscape of Venice and was hugely inspired by the gondola boats.
Prior to London Fashion Week I organsied an auspicious pre London Fashion Week Venetian Masquerade ball at the British boutique hotel, Gore in Chelsea London. This was something I organsied to give the audience a flavour of what I was upto the coming fashion week where I manifested the Italian culture and the romance of Venice in to reality via catwalk

LL: What is your favourite piece and why?
DW: My favourite piece has been a luxurious blazer in silver grey pallet which has been extravagantly cut with an asymmetrical lapel. A rich fabric of silk I carefuly selected so the romance and royalty could come across.

LL: What is next for Danish Wakeel?
DW: Currently after the sophistication, elegance and refinement of the Italian culture, I m looking into the more melancholic and lugubrious side of the underground London and studying the drug culture, bad behavior , sexual addiction and thoughts that appear extreme in frequency or feel out of one’s control. These topics I feel will become the basis for the future collection.

LL: What is the link between the designs and the prints on the clothing?
DW: The designs and prints on the garments are simply manifesting the romance in the city of Venice into reality.

LL: Will you be expanding into a larger female collection in the future? Or is menswear your focus?
DW: Yes that is definately one of the plans I have in my diary for the future. When? I wouldnt be able to answer that now as I am compeltely indulged in my menswear brand and its expansion currently and designing a fewer womenswear pieces each season.

LL: Who is your favourite designer?
DW: Well that without a doubt would have to be late Alexander Mcqueen. I look upto his undaunted attitude and how he implemented it towards the world of vogue.

To view video’s of Wakeel’s Collection, please click on the links below.

Video 1

Video 2

Should you be interested in Danish Wakeel’s collection please do not hesitate to contact himhere.

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