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Hold your horses right there. New brand on the Lady Loves radar is due to launch in the coming days, are you ready for Wear Eponymous?!

Wear Eponymous, a forward thinking e-commerce clothing store due to launch on 1st February 2014 are creating quite a buzz about the launch. Since December 2013 the brand has utilised social media with the launch of their ‘Hype’ campaign which introduced the label to their online audience as well as giving sneak previews of the collection and well worth it giveaways building brand awareness and customer engagement. I have had a sneak peak at some of the divine items from the collection and I can safely say we are all in for a treat.

Being Scottish myself I must admit I am a little biased, why would I not want to see a fellow scot succeed but the truth be told their designs have substance and are set to shake up the fashion industry.

One of my favourite things about Wear Eponymous is their brand values, the reasons they have got to where they are today, more so because I too had very similar reasons to making something for myself through Lady Loves. An eclectic group of young professionals, Scottish fashion photographer, Laura McKinnon, makeup artist Elaine Burns and web designer Alan Armitage have been tired of working under the expectations of others that they joined forces to bring you their very own fashion e-commerce womanswear brand, Wear Eponymous.

Wear Eponymous has a focus on unique style with the fabulous tagline “be your own story“, the brand will aim to bring you the latest fashion and affordable luxury designer pieces and high street prices, we will all need to wait until February 1st before we can purchase these delights online.

The concept behind Wear Eponymous (W.E.) evolved from experiences from all three fashion entrepreneurs. Frustrated with the increasing pressures to work for free as well as the lack of support for underground design in the UK, the fabulous three formed a blueprint for a trustworthy marketing platform.

W.E. Art Director and co-founder Laura McKinnon, said:

“We want to create a place from which to promote this talent at a realistic price. We believe everybody deserves a little piece of luxury and it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to have it.”

This support mechanism will come in the form of designer diffusion lines exclusively sold via the Wear Eponymous webpage.

The theme of the S/S collection was carefully selected to reflect the brand ethos and fit current trends. W.E. Creative Director and co-founder, Elaine Burns said:

“The collection represents us as a brand; we want all aspects of the business to be black and white for our customers from the concept of affordable luxury to good morals.”

Already popular amongst the Scottish market, the Wear Eponymous team have high hopes for the February launch. The chosen designer for the first diffusion line will not be announced until 18:00 on launch day.

Be ready for tomorrow’s launch and bookmark their website. Click here.

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