Emerging Designer: Rosie Assoulin

Absolutely loving the clean lines and structure from Emerging Designer Rosie Assoulin, the dropped hem style and garment construction is so perfectly done, you can see the quality just by looking at it.
This is a fabulous article by Sereine Magazine so be sure to click to go see what they are up too.

Sereine Magazine

Source: Glamour Source:

Rosie Assoulin was pegged by Lucky Magazine as one to watch for 2014 and we here at SM concur! The Brooklyn native definitely has a flair for the dramatic, incorporating bell cut skirts and long wafts of material in rich silk faille and taffeta fabrics to create exaggerated silhouettes. Throughout the decades, fashion design has been and continues to be a constantly evolving art , it is very easy to be crowded out. I appreciate designers such as Assoulin who have a distinct point of view and stay true to themselves. Not to mention her collection has been retailing with the likes of Bergdoff Goodman and Jeffrey, I’d say she’s off to a great start. Below are a few looks from her Resort 2014 line….

Source: Rosie Assoulin Source: Rosie Assoulin







So 2 and 5 are my faves! What say you SM family? Which looks are you loving?

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