Step Into Spring With A Printed Bag From COS | Lady Loves Fashion


There is something so spring like about this beautiful handbag by COS.

I feel it would compliment many an outfit, with it’s geometric print and unusual ‘Pink Yellowish’ colour (yes that is in fact the name of the colour for this handbag).

I love a spacious handbag, one that is quite minimalistic but speaks volumes in style. The print on this bag is very eye catching and would compliment denim outfits.

The beauty of summer bags is how spacious they are! This large handbag by COS is the right size for all of your summer essentials. Big enough to take to the beach and still look very fabulous.

Another quirky advantage of having this bag is simply that it is made out of waterproof fabric, now we would be a fool to believe it will not rain at all this summer (well we can cross our fingers, do the sun dance and hope) however the fact this bag is versatile enough to wear even when it’s raining is an added bonus for me.

There is nothing worse than soggy contents in a bag after being rained on! Yes, perhaps I am speaking from experience. 😉

You can snap up this little beaut of a bag for only £29 – a perfect excuse for a cheeky lunchtime purchase.

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