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Allium B Megan Silk Top styled by Lady Loves Fashion Look at how sexy this little top is from Allium B! Made from the finest Italian silk in an eyecatching floral print and flattering dropped sleeves.  This is THE purchase of the summer.

Allium B are a brand focused on dresses, it came as no suprise that customers were asking for daytime alternatives to dresses in their beautiful prints and styles. After listening to the demand, sisters Claire and Mary, founders of Allium B decided to launch their very first top for their SS14 collection, and here we have it, the luxuriously beautiful Megan, I think I am in love with her.

Lady Loves Fashion styles Allium B Megan Silk TopI really enjoyed styling this beautiful top.  The styling options are endless, I shot all day long in different outfits with this Megan Top, it works with skirts, leggings, shorts, but I decided to take one simple look and adapt it into 3 seperate ones, showing versatility with one outfit. The feel of the top is so soft, it glides onto the skin, feels so luxurious and you can see the quality from just looking at it.

Lady Loves Fashion styling Allium B Megan Silk TopI wore my stunning flared jeans, these are the most flattering derrière jeans I own, they have a pleat at the back of the jeans, elongating the legs and giving super sex appeal. With a statement gold necklace and some oversized rings,  this is the perfect outfit to wear to a BBQ, garden party, or even a day out in town, very luxurious with a relaxed feel to it, for super sunny days, team with a denim skirt and some sandals.

Lady Loves Fashion styles the Allium B Megan Silk TopTaking it up a gear, this is more first date kind of styling, not too dressy but not too casual. This would also be perfect outfit for a trip to the cinema, or even a fabulous little bar at the weekend. The perfect combination of effortless style.  I can just see me now in a fabulous Gin Garden….

Lady Lovesa Fashion styles the Allium B Brighton Megan Silk TopI have teamed the stunning Megan silk top from Allium B with a simple draped lightweight blazer in cream, flattering flared jeans, nude heels from Aldo and my oh so gorgeous vintage alligator clutch, Ali! The colours in this beautiful print really compliment the jeans and gold necklace, a mixture of cream, bright aqua, orange and blackcurrant.  The perfect combination for denim!

Styling the Allium B Megan Top with Fenn Wright MasonThe last of my outfit selections, is a little more glam by infusing the outfit with a pop of vibrant colour and in this case, I have used an eye catching fushca pink coat by Fenn Wright Mason. You can also see the detailing of the jeans in this image, making the outfit flattering from behind as well.

photo 4(1)The blackcurrant tones within the gorgeous Allium B Megan Silk top, really compliment the Fenn Wright Mason coat, it really sets off the aqua and cream tones within the top, making quite the style statement. I really like the gold necklace in this shot, and my trusted vintage Ali, always looks good.

Styling the Allium BMegan Top with Fenn Wright MasonI hope to see more beautiful printed tops from Allium B, they are so versatille but also luxurious, everyone should own one. I have fallen for Megan, she will go with everything. #LadyLovesMegan

Shop the beautiful Megan Silk Top from Allium B.

If you missed last weeks feature on the Allium B Audrey Dress, be sure to check out the styling, a fabulous versatille dress from office to evening in a few simple steps.

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