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Lady Loves Style Vintage Yellow BlazerI am quite the savvy shopper. If I do say so myself. I spend alot of time scouring the internet for unusual and unique gems to add to my collection, and for research purposes of course! eBay is like my best friend, I rate the iPhone app highly, with the option to save my searches and stay on top of the things I like as and when they are listed, just fantastic. I am always one step ahead!

My recent purchase was this gorgeous Vintage Bright Yellow Jacket, it is just the pop of colour needed to transistion your style into spring. I am wearing it with Black Jeans and a Neon Speckled Vest from H&M, Necklace is from Maria Allen Boutique, Leather Handbag from Warehouse and my fabulous Supra Maurizio Molin Skytop Trainers (but you can’t see them in the photo, I wrote about them when they launched.)

My vintage eBay jacket arrived in brilliant condition, the fabric is of great quality, like new despite being vintage! With detailed buttons down the sleeves and front and a chain on the inside so you can hang it easily. It is an absolute dream, a true amazing find, and do you want to know the best bit of all?



It cost less than FIVE POUNDS inlcuding postage. I am not even kidding you.  I was so shocked that I did not have any bidding competiton and now it is mine, for a price that you would not be able to match anywhere, and what’s more, no one else will have one. It is truly unique.

Having an individual style is really important to me, I still buy high street and designer clothes, but I mix them up with hand-me-downs, charity shop finds and eclectic vintage pieces. It is what you do with the items that makes the style statement.

I truly love my new Vintage Yellow Jacket from eBay…

…and the price I will not get over till I fall over it!

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