BOND – Not Shaken or Stirred Just Fabulous! Kurt Geiger BOND #ShoePorn | Lady Loves Fashion

Bond colllageKurt Geiger have been floating my boat recently, they seem to have broken away from traditional highstreet and are presenting us with what can only be described as pure luxury designer shoes.  I am in awe of some of their designs and I am still lusting over those beautiful BANK Courts where as today I am feeling more like an international spy and embracing my inner BOND girl with these oh so fabulous BOND Shoes by Kurt Geiger.

So many colours to choose from, which is preciesely my predicament, I would like to have them all, for lots of different outfits because, chosing one is just too hard and every time I come down to selecting, another outfit pops into my head, sadly the bank disagrees with my order finger, so one will have to do.

But which one?

Each pair are so unique in their own way, Pink and Orange are bang on trend this season (they could extend this range into the pastels to really tick a few extra boxes, can you imagine these Kurt Geiger BOND shoes in lilac or pastel blue / green? WANT!!) Blue and Black are versatille staples which will be reworn season after season, Red, well this is not my usual colour of shoe that I would go for but there is something about the style and cut of this shoe that makes the red more appealing, and then we have it, the last pair, the eyecatching Acid Yellow and Black Snakeskin, oh yes please Kurt Geiger, yes please!

So readers I am entrusting your help on making a decision, which pair shall I go for?



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