Long Layered White Summer Dress by COS | Lady Loves Fashion


Lovely layers once again. I wrote about the Zara Layered Dress last week, layering is very on trend this season and COS have a lovely Long Layered White Dress that has just launched and got me all excited about my summer wardrobe.

I really love COS, they have minimalistic styles down to a tea. I love nothing more than immaculate stitching and tailoring teamed with clean-cut lines. Pattern cut perfection, and COS do it just beautifully.

COS are the high street minimalistic masters. They really know how to do layering and how to create a collection that is almost a canvas for fashionistas to begin working on.

This layered summer dress by COS is made from cotton poplin material with a silhouette of sheer material underneath that drapes down longer than the cotton overlay. Complete with pockets and concealed zip at the back this is a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.

You could wear this beauty to work or to the beach, team with heels and a statement necklace for the evening and you are good to go. I just love it.

I imagine this COS layered dress to drape on the body in an effortless way. Hanging just right, not too tight but not too oversized – enough to show off your figure.

You can snap up this beaut of a summer dress for only £69.

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