Style File: BGK Designs – Ivory Leather with Turquoise Dangle Bracelet

I have been eagerly waiting to share BGK Designs beautiful jewellery, catch up on last weeks post showcasing the Bone and Brass Necklace.

This week features an Ivory Leather with Turquoise Dangle Bracelet. Beautifully finished and a compliment to your outfits. I found this bracelet really easy to wear and it went with almost everything I tried it on with. Made from Ivory Leather complete with button enclosure and a cute dangling turquoise stone. This would make a perfect gift for a loved one.



The Ivory Leather Bracelet with Turquoise Dangle detail is quite a contrast to this floral top from Pins & Needles. But I just love them both together!



Worn here with my Allium B Silk Megan Top. The blues from the top work well with the turquoise stone. I love that the red flecks of the top compliment the Ivory Leather and Turquoise Stone Bracelet. So easy to wear, this would be an everyday outfit you could wear to work or to the pub, this BGK Designs Handmade Bracelet is so super versatile.



Lastly, I have styled this BGK Designs Ivory Leather with Turquoise Dangle Bracelet with my COS Mint Draped Top. I find the gorgeous colour of this top to work very well with this bracelet, the perfect compliment. I think of all three of the outfits this one is my favourite. It is really fresh looking, a great styling idea for summer.

This beautiful handmade bracelet by BGK Designs is a one off, there is only one of these beauties in the world. It is available to buy online at BGK Designs and costs only $30. An absolute bargains price for a piece of unique jewellery.

Something that is so unique like this makes the perfect gift for someone. It is so special, has so much meaning and the best thing of all – no one else will have one.
There are really nice items on the BGK Designs website – some of which I have sat aside for myself. It is like the jewellery speaks to me and my order finger cannot resist the purchase.

Has it got you hooked too?

View more from the BGK Designs Collection.

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