Style File: BGK Designs Copper Leaf Woven Necklace | Lady Loves Fashion

Another Style File feature for the fabulous BGK Designs. I have loved styling these lovely bits and pieces of unique jewellery. This week we focus on the oh so eye catching Copper Leaf Woven Necklace.

The necklace is so easy to wear and sits beautifully once on. I love the contrast of the darker woven necklace in comparison to the brightness of the copper leaf. I also really like that it kind of looks like a heart, as well as a leaf. And when you look closely, you can see the exquisite detailing of the veins on the leaf necklace.

I have styled this necklace below, with a variety of different outfits. This would be the perfect going out piece of jewellery to wear with a nice dress. Very eye catching.


Styled here wearing a really simple black bandeau dress and sandals. The Copper Leaf Woven Necklace really stands out on the neckline – demanding attention.



Wearing the BGK Designs Copper Leaf Woven Necklace with this summer top from Pins & Needles. Again, I find that this beautiful necklace really stands out despite the top itself being quite busy. A very eye catching piece of jewellery.


This is one of my favourite daytime looks. I am wearing the Copper Leaf Woven Necklace with my Allium B Megan Silk Top. A perfect outfit to go for cocktails or to sit in a beer / gin garden. Summer love!



Last but not least, is more of a minimal look with the COS Draped Mint Top. I find the BGK Designs Copper Leaf Woven Necklace still remains to catch the eye and be the ‘centre piece’ of this whole outfit. Could this be the most versatile eye catching necklace ever??!

You can buy the Copper Leaf Woven Necklace online at BGK Designs.

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