Omar Mansoor, london Fashion Week 2014

Omar Mansoor London Fashion Week 2014 | Lady Loves Fashion


I had the pleasure of being invited to view the collection from Omar Mansoor at London Fashion Week.  A designer I have followed for many years, Omar creates the most breathtaking couture gowns for women. The collection this year was by far my favourite. Inspired by Mati Hari, who was an exotic Dutch dancer and courtesan convicted of being a spy in the early 20th century.

Part of the reason that this particular collection moved me, was the simplicity but effectiveness of the designs. A minimal twist, using luxurious fabrics including vintage lace, crepe silks and chiffon. As well as hand-woven crochet pieces teamed with draped silk. The contrast of different fabrics and textures together give a soft edge to the collection. Semi-precious stones including rubies are encrusted within the embroidery on some of the gowns, you can almost see them dazzling as the models walk down the runway.

The collection itself tells a story – emulating the life of Mati Hari. The contrasting colours of red, turquoise and gold not only work well together – the turquoise fabric depicts the early struggling part of Mati Hari’s life. Followed by the golden colour showing her peak and the red which portrays the end of her life story.

My favourite piece from the collection has to be first of the gold dresses featured on the runway. The gorgeous silk veil adds movement to the overall look created by Omar. I love the contrasting hand crochet top with the gold silk bottom. The dress looks effortless and luxurious all at the same time.

See the full collection below.














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