COS Sale Must Have – Draped Front Dipped Hem Knit Top | Lady Loves Fashion

Autumn brings lots of things, cold weather, dreary rain, mid-season sales. Although I tend to suffer from S.A.D and often want to hibernate like a bear at this time of the year, minimal mavens COS have launched their mid-season sale today. Needless to say I have been drooling over my keyboard all morning trying to restrain my order finger.

A few things have caught my eye, this one in particular is only available in a size small – so chances are even by the time I publish this article, the bloody thing will be sold (hopefully to me).

I love how simple the design is. The draping at the front would add just enough detail, together with the dipped hem, this top is a winter winner! Perfect for Friday night cocktails when worn with jeans heels and a leather jacket!

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