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Luxury Gifts from Hawes & Curtis This Christmas | Lady Loves Fashion

With Christmas just around the corner, it is time to finalise the gifts you will be buying and get wrapping.  Luxury modern tailors, Hawes & Curtis sent me some beautiful items to showcase in my gift guide. I am a lover of all things luxury, as well as having a thing for exceptional tailoring and clean lines. Ultimately Hawes & Curtis fitted the bill.

Hawes & Curtis have a wide range of beautiful tailored shirts, knitwear and accessories for men and woman. I have chosen a few of my favourite items to include within this gift guide. Whether you are looking for something special, or something different, Hawes & Curtis have you covered.

Gifts For Her

HAwes & curtis, Chrismtas gift guide, ladies gifts, tailors london, lady loves fashionEvery woman loves a classic white shirt, it is the go to staple. Every woman should have at least one luxury tailored white shirt in their wardrobe. So simple to wear with jeans and gold jewellery for a relaxed Victoria Beckham esque look.

Hawes & Curtis, Christmas Gift Guide, Ladies Luxury Tailors London, Lady Loves FashionHawes & Curtis, Luxury Tailors London, Christmas Gift Guide for Her, lady Loves fashionHAwes & Curtis, Luxury tailors london, christmas gift guide, lady loves fashionIf you are a high-powered female figure in the working world, luxurious shirts will be something you ladies wear almost every day.  Hawes & Curtis have probably the best fit and feel to their tailored shirts. You can see the quality when you wear them. This would be a gorgeous Christmas gift for your fashionistas and boardroom beauties.

You know the old wives tale, about it being bad luck to buy yourself a purse? Whether it is true or not, I have never bought myself a purse. My mum used to mention this old wives tale and insist on buying me a purse then putting some money inside for good luck.  This tradition has worn off on me and I still believe you should never buy yourself a purse. They should always come as gifts and have some gold coins inside for good luck.  With that being said, Christmas is the perfect time to surprise your lady with a leather purse.

HAwes & Curtis Christmas Gift Guide, Lady Loves Fashion, Tan Leather PurseI for one, have never been a sheep, so I tend to stay clear of mass produced luxury items that everyone and their dog have, (ie. Michael Kors). There is no individuality. Which is precisely why I fell in love with this gorgeous real tan leather purse with croc-effect on the leather from Hawes & Curtis. You can feel the quality, the leather smells divine and what is more, you are not a walking advertisement for some brand. This is demure darling, we don’t need flashy names in our face when luxury looks this good.

HAwes & Curtis Christmas Gift Guide, Lady Loves FashionHAwes & curtis Christmas Gift Guide, Lady Loves FashionComplete with compartments for your cards, notes and coins, with an exposed zip around the outside of the tan leather purse. Your girlfriend, best friend, mother or aunty or even your granny will love you for this gift. Luxury leather at its finest by Hawes & Curtis.

Gifts For Him

Moving onto the men in our life. Again we have a classic white shirt with a fitted tailored style which just so happens to be non iron. Which, for most men is a god send.  My sentiments of white shirts for men are similar to that of how I feel about white shirts on women.  I am not talking about your high street multi pack of white shirts, oh no. I am talking luxuriously tailored white shirts for special occasions, that make a man look like a man – and a sexy man at that. Think Robert Pattinson, Brad Pitt, I am telling you, the tailored shirt is what makes these men appealing. Hawes & Curtis have a variety of fits and styles to suit every man’s taste. A great Christmas Gift Idea.

HAwes & Curtis Mens Tailored White Shirt, Lady Loves Fashion, Christmas Gift guide, LondonHAwes & curtis, Christmas Gift guide, lady loves fashionHAwes & curtis, lady loves fashion, christams gift guideA tailored shirt would not be complete without some luxury cufflinks, which completes the set really. Hawes & Curtis have a great range of cufflinks to suit all tastes. These I felt worked really well with this shirt and would make a great gift for the man in your life.  You never know, he may even transform into Robert Pattinson, or better yet, Brad Pitt!

Hawes & Curtis, Christmas Gift Guide, Lady Loves FashionHawes & Curtis, Christmas Gift Guide, Lady Loves Fashion, Tailors LondonHawes & Curtis, Christmas Gift Guide, Luxury Tailors London, Lady Loves Fashion

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Women’s Tailored White Shirt // Women’s Tan Leather Purse // Men’s Tailored White Shirt // Men’s Silver Lion Cufflinks

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