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Happy New Year 2015 Everyone | Lady Loves Fashion

Lady Loves Fashion, Fashion Blogger BrightonWell what a break that was.  I hope you are all pleasantly stuffed and cheerful after the Christmas and New Years break. What a lovely couple of weeks off.  I decided this year to take the break and not write during. I think it is important to take a break and I often burn the candle at both ends, with writing being my job, I thought why not stop for the holidays. I do deserve the break. (pat on the back for me).

Although the break was nice, I felt like I did not stop for the two weeks. We had a wonderful Christmas with my niece and nephew, a quiet New Years with the boy and lots of visiting family in between.  To top off the start of 2015 my gorgeous niece and god-daughter was born on the 3rd of January. I am itching to fly back to Scotland and see my little sister and wee perfect bundle of joy. Flights are all booked for Thursday morning. I will not want to come home. You can see a photo of the little munchkin below. She was 4 weeks premature but she is doing amazingly well.

Lady Loves Fashion Blogger BrightonI have lots of exciting things to share this week on LLF like the photos and write-up behind my fab bloggers lunch with JAS MB London. My favourites from the January Sales, ASOS & ZARA Haul, as well as introducing a new feature called Blogger Spotlight, which will simply interview the bloggers you should have your eye on.

Lots to come from LLF, I am hoping my ASOS & ZARA Haul items arrive before Thursday, that would be torture if they arrived after I left!

Hope you are having a fabulous Monday. Did you make new years resolutions this year? What were they?

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