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If the shoe fits……

 boden summer shoe styles, lady loves fashion 
Welcome to my first fashion blog for LadyLoves! Danielle, rightly so, introduced me as a bit of a colourful fashionista, which I’ll happily take! My sartorial style sides on the air of bold and bright and I’m also a bit of a label lover too….. But, something has caught my eye this week which has surprised even me and that is the SS15 shoe collection by Boden. Ticking all my usual boxes, patterned=tick, brightly coloured=tick and super high high=tick tick tick! 

 boden summer shoes, lady loves fashion
boden alice heels, lady loves fashion  They also could easily pass for a designer label and the quality is there in leather and suedes. I also love the fact that there is a great little tool next to each design on their website showing how many different colour options, including more neutral tones (perfect for all you purists out there!) like these xxx 

 boden thelma heels in lemon yellow, lady loves fashion tuesday shoesday  
boden nude mule suede heels, lady loves fashion tuesday shoesday  boden black suede mule style heels, lady loves fashion tuesday shoesday 

 I’m definitely spoilt for choice on colour options! And when my feet are exhausted from all the fab heeled options – I’ll slip on the leopard print flats. Perfect for chasing the kiddies around or for skipping between meetings. 

 leopard print flat shoes boden, lady loves fashion tiuesday shoesday 
I’m so pleasantly surprised by the collection from Boden, it’s definitely a brand we will be keeping our eyes on. But for now, shop my top picks from the collection below…….

Natalie x 

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