One for the Boys……Birchbox

One for the Boys…..Birchbox

Lady Loves Beauty

mens-producpage1_1_ The Limited Edition Mens Birchbox

As you are all aware Fathers day has been and gone last Sunday. This is a date that always plagues me as having 4 children who are all under 11 means having to think up 4 presents for the kids to buy/make for their father. Sadly what a 3-year-old thinks their daddy will like ( A toy train or dinosaur FYI) doesn’t always line up with what their daddy ACTUALLY wants. In addition my children’s Daddy is particularly fussy.  Add to this trying to avoid the obviously or typical gifts associated with Fathers Day, it becomes increasingly harder each year that passes for me to add that element of ‘surprise’!    

My Fiancé and I with our huge brood at Vogue Festival wearing Vintage Ossie Clark.

Therefore I was delighted to receive an email from one of my new favourites Birchbox telling me about…

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