Transitional Ageing

Like the pre-collections, the idea of transitional dressing has been resonating with us these past few weeks. But for us, it is not the issue of what one should wear for the weather changes but instead what we should be wearing as our ages change.

Danielle, having recently turned 29 is on the cusp of her change of decade, while my birthday which I (Natalie) celebrated a few weeks ago means that I am now “well into” my thirties having turned 33.

On her birthday, I joked to Danielle that I am on the right side of my thirties while she is on the wrong side of her twenties but on reflection, I wonder if this was simply me trying to make myself feel better about being the older of us two?

In addition our sartorial style certainly seems at odds with our age groups as Danielle’s style reflects a relaxed, more groomed, slick and minimal stance while I still enjoy playful feminity and colourful zany prints. And always with heels.

However, I have noticed that the prints I love are changing in their motifs and the shapes I favour are becoming more “grown up” and streamlined.  While my style was once Katy Perry, I like to think it is now more akin to Mira Duma. Sexy to me no longer means body-con (the 3 kids and lack of willpower have put paid to that) but instead means a flash of side boob or the CONFIDENCE to go out without a bra (which I can still get away with thank God!)  In addition, running around after 4 children and combining studying with running two business means that there are days when jeans and a boyfriend T-shirt with a pair of pool sliders seem the only sensible option.

Danielle’s more relaxed look which favours slouchy Jersey and knitwear with constructed tailoring and flats reflects the youth of her 20s while her growing penchant for expensive/luxury accessories reflects her coming of age sartorially speaking. She is the New York City girl, with the CONFIDENCE to wear Vans instead of heels should her mood choose.  However, there are some rules we both seem to both favour, and our shopping haunts are becoming more in tune with one another.

COS, ZARA and TOPSHOP are the first on the Lady Loves hit list and we are usually always guaranteed to both leave with something. In addition, certain brands that we might have previously considered “too old” for us are suddenly on the Lady Loves radar, such as Hobbs and Whistles. 

Online shopping is a bit of a grey area for me too and Danielle is slowly introducing me to new brands only available online being the younger and therefore more tech savvy of us two. You can’t believe what a difference those 4 years can make growing up in the online revolution! I’m more of a Carrie Bradshaw “shopping is my cardio” kind of animal preferring the Bricks and Mortar experience but watching Danielle’s beautifully packaged goods bought online pop through the door at our meetings from labels such as Atterley Road and Finery London has converted me. Of course Net-a-Porter has always been a joint stop off point. What we are both discovering however is that the older you get the more your style develops and evolves.

At a press event: Danielle wears Jacket VINTAGE Top COS Leather Leggings ZARA Bag JAS MB LONDON Natalie wears: Dress H&M TREND, Bag ALL SAINTS Shoes &OTHER STORIES

My Style as I say is calming down, I’m still as loud as ever but it’s a more “expensive” or refined version of before. And I’ll often wear black but you know, that black will have something unexpected about it, like swaths of fabric gathered or a layering up of fabric textures to keep the interest.

Danielle is embracing colour but her attention to detail is second to none. She’ll spot an unusual cut the second she walks through the door and her hunt for ‘ Denim’ Denim (coming up on the blog soon) reflects her growing passion for workmanship and long-lasting, multi-option garments meaning her wardrobe is getting more and more epic by the day.

I wonder, as a final thought if our newly formed working relationship and friendship together is again affecting our sartorial choices? Will Danielle keep me young and will I lead her offline and into stores again?! Only time will tell……

Has your style changed recently?! We would love to hear about it!

Natalie & Danielle xx

//This is NOT a sponsored post//

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