Bloody Mary’s To Soothe The Soul & Lunch At The Salt Rooms Brighton | Lady Loves Fashion

Yesterday we had a fabulous little lunch at The Salt Room in Brighton. Natalie and I had our regular business meeting in the morning then we headed to The Salt Room to meet Deborah from Simpson Boston PR & Diary of an Honest Woman, for a girly catch up! 

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I was in dire need of a Bloody Mary, having been out last night to dinner for a friends birthday. I was a little on the fragile side and in need of a good pick me up! The girls settled in to their vino and we all got chatting! The menu, for me was a little difficult. Being not that fond of fish .. It left the options rather minimal. Having said that, the menu does look amazing and sounds delicious, if that’s your sort of thing. Luckily, Natalie and Debs were in menu heaven. 

We ordered our food, burger for me and plaice for the others, and did what friends do best, talk! We chatted for hours as we went through our courses. 


The Bloody Mary was bloody amazing! And the girls loved their food! The Salt Room is definitely worth a visit, if fish is your thing. I particularly loved their drinks menu – they had a section dedicated to gin, so naturally it won me over! 


We both hope you have a fabulous weekend. 

Love Danielle xxx

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