S/S 16 at SCOOP London

  Wow! What a day I had yesterday! As a creative business woman I have a number of ‘Hats’ I wear and swap over on a day-to-day basis all in the name of ‘work’ and yesterday was no exception to this, as I headed to London to attend Scoop, a high-end fashion trade show wearing 3 of these hats. Hat one was as a member of the fashion press for Lady Loves, hat two as a buyer for our sister company and online shop Hybrid boutique and last but not least that of Brand manager for Mojiana, an amazing jewellery brand I have been working with for the past year.
Over the years I have been to many a fashion trade show. For those of you not in the know these are where the press and buyers all gather to be shown new season collections from designers and brands. While the big catwalk fashion weeks may bring lots of noise about them, the trade shows are essential to and where much of the real business of fashion takes place. It’s where your favourite boutique no doubt go to source those under the radar or international brands you love to keep their stores fresh and exciting for you!

Scoop London, however, is one of the few I hadn’t as yet had the pleasure of attending, as something always seems to clash. Something that leaves me feeling annoyed each season as it has always appeared to be the most stylish of these shows. For a start it is held at the super chic Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea. Secondly, a quick glance through the brands and designers exhibiting highlighted several already on my radar and wish list! I was, therefore very excited to get there!

The first question of course was what to wear! As it is held at one of the coolest art galleries in London I decided on a fabulous bold pink dress from COS, a pair of lace up Sophia Webster heels from my ever-expanding collection of shoes and of course, some Mojiana Jewellery! Outfit selected I made my way through Sloane Square to the Saatchi, super easy to find from the tube and some great window shopping along the way in the designer stores who have started their A/W 15 campaigns.

Upon arrival I realized that I had defiantly chosen the right colour spotting a colour co-coordinated hot pink carpet leading to the entry.

   Insta photo taken, and following a warm welcome from the staff, who all seemed to have been cast from Made in Chelsea, I was kindly escorted by one of the glamazonian staff to Mojiana’s stand in Gallery 6.

Unsurprisingly to me her stand looked gorgeous, and her SS16 collection in statement orange, yellow blues stood out beautifully against the white gallery walls, while complimenting the art work located to the left of her stand perfectly!

After a few quick silly insta snaps with one of the Scoop London fans (certainly handy as it was a warm day) we barely had time for a catch up before our first press member’s eye was caught and I had to put on my first hat of the day as Brand Mananger. Over the next 2 hours I spoke with several members of the fashion press, talking them through Mojiana’s collection and inspiration, as well as the lovely and infamous designer Paul Costelloe, who’s eye was also drawn to her statement collection, before pulling in another well-known editor to the stand who was equally as impressed and passed on his fashion editors details. But the moment of the day was when a MASSIVE luxury fashion glossy stopped for a very serious chat about featuring the collection within their pages! WATCH THIS SPACE!!

As lunch time drew in and the floor quieted while people refreshed and revived, I decided to make a break for it for an hour or so and put on hats two and three, in order to report back to our readers on the new trends and designers to look out for and those to arrange meeting with later this month with Danielle and I.
My first stop was with Newgate watches, who were located close by to our stand and who’s pieces I had seen the night before in my Sunday magazine papers.

Other brands that caught my eye were Saltspin Denim, Chupi, Uzma Boza, Second Female, Three Floor, Piccione Piccione, Gustav, The Soho Furrier, Ikks, Body Frock by Melanie Davis and many more! Each of these brands fit Danielle and my requirements for our brands Hybrid & Lady Loves, in that each has an amazing story to tell and so we will be reporting back on each individually over the next couple of weeks so make sure you are subscribed with your email so you don’t miss out!

As a mum of 4 of course I couldn’t help but spot these adorable shoes from Melissa featuring Minnnie and Mickey Mouse kissing! Totally adorable and soon to be featured at the end of my daughter Coco-Sailors feet!


I made it back to the stand just in time for the drinks reception where Moji and I spent the next couple of hours talking to buyers, fashion press and other exhibitors before leaving with some gorgeous chocolates for the journey home from Empire Chocolates which seemed just too good to eat and deserve a post of their own too!


A totally worthwhile day, a dozen compliments on my outfit and some amazing connections made! I left with flats on my aching and lace up-marked feet but with a happy soul and a lot of inspiration.

Natalie x

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