Fendi Momento Bug watch

Oh. Dear. Lord. 

So Fendi have only gone and turned their fabulous Bug bags into watches! (Squeals with excitement!) 

My love for Fendi’s bugs has been growing out of control to the point where at the recent Harrods Christmas in July event, upon spotting a Bug tote under the tree I almost passed out with excitement before grabbing and parading around with said bag, contemplating for a second doing a runner only to realise the security guard had spotted me and honestly my heels were not going to get me anywhere fast! I put it back, sad but happy that I had at least managed to get a dozen selfies with bag to shove under the fiancés nose in a not so soft hinting manner in the lead up to Christmas. 

So, when I spotted the watches whilst browsing the Fendi website(as you do) I again could hardly contain my excitement once more. 

The six piece collection comes in two options, metal strap or delicious dark black Calf leather, with Swiss-made Quarz movement and prices start at £1250. 

Granted it’s not cheap but for a designer watch by one of the worlds leading Luxury brands actually not that scary in comparison to some others and totally worth saving up for. 

My fav is unsurprising the most expensive in the collection but it does feature 28 small diamonds and retails at £1675. 

 I am definitely coming down with the Bug but this is one that I don’t think I’ll get over for some time! 

Natalie x 

//This is NOT a sponsered post//


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