Super cool Baby shower at Dean Street Townhouse

A few weeks ago I was invited to join my good (and one of my longest standing) friends for her NON baby shower! NON because said friend is far too cool for all that baby shower nonsense. In fact this pal is more likely to be part of an advertising campaign for Kooples then the traditional Mother & Baby cover girl so hers was to be an NON event, instead preferring an intimate mixed sex gathering at the equally über cool Dean Street Townhouse in London for Afternoon tea. She may be our longest standing rock chick however we couldn’t help but want to keep a little bit of the baby shower tradition and so each of us had brought gifts for Mum and bump. 


With 4 kids of my own I know that the presents for baby are always lovely but when mum gets a present it always is an amazing boost when you are feeling tired, heavy and quite frankly frighted so I decided on a two small gifts for baby from The White Company, a grey hat with fluffy white clouds and a super soft baby rattle and a great big bouquet of flowers for her from my fav florist Gunns Brighton


I decided to avoid the super girlie pink options and opted for super cool purple, orange and bright green instead which were well received by the blossoming mother to be. I also chose a stunning handmade card, in which I detailed my 5 top tips for parenting, as is my experience. 
Outfit wise I opted for a gorgeous vintage silk top from  Wolf & Gypsy Vintage who always have amazing pieces. The owner Laura, has the best eye (exception to my own of course 😜) and walking into her store is always a little dangerous for both me and my bank balance! 

In keeping with the rock chic mother-to-be I edged it up with a black super soft leather pencil skirt from All saints and a pair of super high faux suede and snakeskin strappy heels, an absolute style steal from Primark! Primark shoes always really amaze me both in terms of fashion forward offerings and comfort. Well, as comfortable as 6 inch heels are ever likely to be anyway! I finished it with my Black Chanel bag. 

On arrival Dean street Townhouse was abuzz with the cool & well-heeled so I felt rather smug being walked through to the Snug, a private room near the back reserved for occasions such as ours. The decor was dark yet Luxe, with art from Tracey Emin and Peter Blake lining the walls. So far, so cool! 


Also noteworthy was the Ladies room, a chic space with black & white tiled floors, chunky marbled sinks, deep mahogany dressing tables and a fabulous full length mirror, perfect for a quick outfit selfie. Quirky Cowshed toiletries were a perfect finishing touch.  

After lots of oohs and ahhhhs at the cute presents and quite a few giggles as the already parents and aunties exchanged hilarious horror stories about children and parenting we settled into tea, which was delicious and beautifully presented on blue and white China. By this time most of us had also consumed a few glasses of Prosseco served in the most beautiful ornate cut-crystal glasses so the Salmon & horseradish and Ham & mustard sandwiches were much needed to soak up the alcohol. 
The real treat however were the cakes, Scones of course with jam and clotted cream, but also macaroons, Chocolate  tarts, and my favorite Battenburg with deliciously sweet marzipan. YUM! 


Overall, the event was a smash and the mother-to-be had a great time as did we all! There were no games but pleanty of hilarious recollections of parenthood. Both mother and father to be were left feeling suitably horrified! Lol 

I’ve already recommend Dean Street Townhouse to many including a girlfriend who had discerning family visiting from Italy and wanted a “Traditional” afternoon tea experience who also gave it two great big thumbs up! 
Natalie & Danielle xx

//This is not a sponsered post//

Afternoon Tea at Dean Street Townhouse costs £19.95, alcohol not included. Click here to view menu. 

We would love to hear your fav Afternoon tea hotspots! Comment below xw


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