Edible Art from Empire Artisan Chocolates 

You might remember last week my mention of the delicious chocolates I recieved as a gift at Scoop London. So good were these treats that I decided,  rightly so that they deserved their very own blog post, so here it is! 

Perhaps befitting to the venue in which Scoop was held, the Saatchi gallery in London, the chocolates by Empire Artisan Chocolates themselves were mini works of art. In fact the box sleeve WAS a piece of art, some in a bold black and white design and others in a brightly coloured pink and green which suited my outfit and mood perfectly. Art is at the heart of this chocolate brand, with each piece handcrafted and inspired by great works and their makers. 


Exhausted yet happy after a succesful day at work, I treated myself and my daughters to them on the train journey home to Brighton. 

Once opened they revealed a golden foil wrapper, and I felt that same feeling of excitement I get when a box of Internet bought fashion arrives in through my door. The gold making me feel like Charlie himself finding that golden ticket to Willy Wonkas! 


A sucker for packaging and anything gold and shiny these had already won me over, But the chocolates. OH the chocolates! Six stunning pyramids of creamy deliciousness in three amazing flavours, the first a salty Pistachio nut entitled ‘Babylon’ , next up  ‘Mount Olympus’ a marbled effect Orea cookies & cream finished with 18kt Gold leaf (yes GOLD LEAF!)  and finally, my favorite the ‘Mae West’ decorated with the quirkiest Salvidor Dali inspired little red lips!


Obviously, with this one I had to take a signature silly selfie! 


After devouring the lot between us in about 10 seconds I immediately felt a deep feeling of remorse. Not at eating the chocolates, or the affect on my waistline. But at the fact I had opened them on the train with kids around and not at home with a glass nice glass of wine, for these little mini works of art are grown up chocolates! A treat for both the eye and the taste buds. Of course the kids loved the flavour as much as I did but they would have no doubt been just as happy with a kit Kat.

And now they are gone. Sad times! 

The good news is Empire deliver! You can buy a selection of these or chose from their other ‘creations’ including the ‘ Pollock’ from their website. If anyone wants to know these are top of my wish list to try next, created in Dark chocolate with colourful white chocolate splatters. 

They would make the most amazing wedding favours too! A box of 6 cost £12. Click here to be directed to their online shop. 

Natalie & Danielle xx


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