Christmas in July 

We’ve been busy little bees the past few weeks, out and about at various events and press days gathering lots of new stories to share with you all.  


July was an especially busy month as London hosted a number of Christmas in July press events, giving us the first look at the pieces you’ll all be coveting under your tree later this year. 

CHRISTMAS?! In JULY?! You might be asking! A question we asked ourselves too as we dashed through what was blistering heat to get to each event. 


However even July in the Big Smoke couldn’t curb our excitement and by the end of the month we were feeling well and truly in the Xmas spirit with a  list so long we are going to have to be very very good indeed over the next few months! Checking it twice?! Santa will be lucky to get to the end of our lists wishlists this year! 


Over the next week we will be sharing our top events with you, but here’s a sneak peek of some of our favorite highlights. From fluffy balls, to having our hair done by Celebrity stylist Andrew Barton to Christmas cocktails with Prince Cassius

We’ve got the top picks for kids, mums, lovers and brothers. Plus find out which pieces we’ll be fighting over this xmas season! 

 We’ve got it covered, so get your favorite notebook at the ready and make sure you are subscribed so you don’t miss a post! 

Natalie & Danielle xx 


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