Tuesday Shoesday – ZARA Black Leather & Metal Heel Booties | Lady Loves Fashion

Another Tuesday, another Shoesday. A chance for us to share our favourite shoes of the week. Any excuse really! This week, we stumbled across a sleek and structured pair of booties that will add a statement to your desired outfit.

ZARA have come up top trumps recently with their shoe collection. Arguably, some of their designs are ‘up there‘ with designer ranges, which, for a high street brand is something to be proud of. 

We have always loved ZARAif you bypass the high street-ness of your shopping experience and manage to wade through the barrage of people pouring throughout their stores – you might just come across amazing fashion staples and hidden gems amongst the rails. Many of which appear to look more designer than they actually are. 

For me, (Danielle here) tailoring and garment construction is such a pivotal part of my buying experience. I don’t care how much I love an item, if the fabric or the cut is poor I just don’t go there. ZARA do seem to have their tailoring down, with almost all of my ZARA bought garments lasting a long time and remaining true to their shape and size. Investment pieces people! And ones that don’t necessarily need to break the bank. Aka these Black Leather and Metal Booties from ZARA at a mere £79.99 almost criminal not to indulge.

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The deal breaker for us, aside from the pointed toe and clean top line, was of course the heel. A beautiful, borderline architectural structure with an eye catching gold metal backing. Walking away, never looked so good. Think how sexy these booties would look with skinny black trousers! 

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I can almost guarantee these Black Leather Heels will sell out fast! I best stop writing and go get myself a pair!

What do you think? Let us know in the comment box below.


Danielle & Natalie 


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