STYLE STEAL: Super duppa Sale sandals from TOPSHOP

Well, you all know me well enough by now to know that I LOVE SHOES! And those of you paying proper attention would have also picked up on my love for Sophia Webster’s shoes in particular!

However, such is life my Champagne taste doesn’t always match my lemonade pockets and so THOSE shoes tend to be reserved to Christmas, Birthdays and Sample sales! But that doesn’t mean I don’t still want a bit of designer influence in between those special occasions. So I was delighted to spot these beauts a few months back from TOPSHOP. I loved the colourful faux snakeskin design and shape, which has a similar feel to my favourite Webster designs, yet wasn’t a complete rip-off ( I actually am really not a fan of a total rip-off, cheapens the real thing in my opinion, I mean the whole point of having designer shoes is that you DONT see everyone else walking around in them! It’s what makes them special!) However, much as I loved them I couldn’t bring myself to pay the £49 price tag because they are after all plastic shoes. I’d have been happy to pay a little extra and have leather but 50 quid for plastic shoes is just a no no to me! See, on some things I am apparently a super-scrimper! LOL

However, this story has a happy ending as on Friday, while assisting Danielle on a date night outfit I spotted out of the corner of my eye from the dregs of the sales them again, last pair, in my size for £20! Dani confirmed they were ‘Sooooo Natalie’ and off I ran to the till!

So now they are sitting nicely next to my Webster’s and you know what, I think I love them just as much!

Natalie xx

Topshop also have for A/W 15 re-released the Resort sandal in a Black as well as Gold. Click here to shop



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