Despite the change in weather we are still technically in Summer here in the U.K! I know, hard to believe isn’t it! 

If all this grey is getting you down then we recommend a visit to the exhibition  Riviera Style at the Fashion & Textile museum in London, but hurry as it closes on 13th September! 


Packed full of swimwear, Beach wear and fabulous clothes to wear for a trip to the sea, its a must for anyone intrested in the history of fashion or indeed simply the glamour of dressing for poolside, as it charts the change in style from the late 19th century into the modern day. 

    Having travelled from Brighton, it’s centre piece was a surreal monument taking us back to the glamour of the Saltdean Lido, a sight close to our hearts located on the outskirts of our seaside city, and currently under restoration. It’s glamour certainly bought a warm glow of pride  to our hearts as 1930s Chanel clad mannequins sipped cocktails along side 1920s silk pyjama adorned ladies on diving boards.   


Historically speaking, for many, a trip to the seaside was a rare treat, and counted as the family holiday, so smart dressing was the order of the day. Therefore expect stunning printed silks, quirky whimsical prints and cute seaside motifs a pleanty. 

 The exhibition itself is well curated, in chronological order, and offers a healthy slice of Mens and Childrens styles alongside womenswear. It has large text panels throughout offering insightful histories however, just as much pleasure and understanding could be gained from the exhibition itself. 


Another great thing is how close the clothing was displayed, no glass panels, and this is in no doubt down to be fact that, as a temporary exhibition the clothing doesn’t need the level of preserve most museums have to undertake to keep the clothing from deterioration. 

As well as the Saltdean Lido the exhibition also had an installation of a swimsuit pagent, a hugely popular mid-century past-time. 
The swimming hats were also a quirky addition and made for fantastic fun and we loved the framed souvenir printed scarfs. 



There is also a good amount of photography on display and postcards.


  In summary, something for everyone. Definatly worth a trip to London if you can make it! As a final heads up, the adjoining cafè offers a great selection of yummy treats, from indulgent cakes to saintly salads such as the Spanish quiche salad we munched on after spending way to much in the also fabulous museum shop! 
Natalie & Danielle xx

Have you visited? We would love to know what you thought! Share your comments below x

The museum is just 5-10 min walk from London Bridge train/underground stations. 

Tickets are priced at £8.80Adults & £5.50

Click here for more information 


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