Date night dress: Zara Lace dress

         It’s the weekend! Well, almost! Why is it that friday following Bank Holiday always seems so needed even though the week has been shorter than normal?!

Anyway, you’ve made it through another week! Seems like a good excuse for a fashion treat, and what could be better than a date night dress (or a single gal party dress)?

Last week, I was surprised by my lovely fiancé with tickets to see McQueen the play in London. As a fashion historian with a serious addiction to British designers, especially the late McQueen, who our son is named after, it goes without saying that I was super-duper excited!


To add to the excitement Danielle and I, on one of our outfit sourcing trips, had also spotted this little New Season, A/W 15 Zara lace dress which I was not totally convinced of on the hanger but there was something about it that made me take it to the fitting room. I think it was a combination of the lace/leather effect together, a little bit edgy but still girlie enough for me, and also the colour, which is always a go to for me. With pale skin, that I am quite happy with, the colour always warms my tone and works with my paler completion.


BUT, I was rather sceptical about two things. The first being the length (maybe a little shorter than I usually choose these days) and the fact that the back is totally exposed, which since I put weight on since having the children has been something I have avoided, feeling too body conscience to bear this much flesh in one go.


However, ever the experimental dresser, I decided ‘what the heck’ and took it in with me anyway. Boy oh boy was I pleased I did! As soon as I put it on I felt amazing. Like, SEXY amazing which I’ll be honest is not something I’ve not felt for a while as I’ve struggled to deal with my changing body recently. Pretty, yes. well-dressed, yes. But sexy, not so much. The length felt great, as I do have cracking long legs despite my 5ft1.5 height. The colour worked exactly as I knew it would and the lace was really pretty draping across my bust and into a low back, which was soft and left me feeling really HOT! LOL

I knew my fiancé would like it too, being one of those typical guys who likes short, fitted dresses (cleavage a bonus!) and so as I usually indulge MY taste over his with looser, colourful pieces and trousers I decided this one was perfect for our upcoming date night. Then I checked the price and was again nicely surprised as it was only £29.99!

Sadly I didn’t get a pic on the night, too busy having fun, but I was clever enough to grab a picture on my phone in the fitting room (although it’s from my old water-logged phone pre-Iphone 6 upgrade so apologies for quality!)

 My fiancé was very pleased to see ‘His Pixie back!’ (his pet name for me, owing to my height) and the dress worked perfectly for our evening of theatre and dinner in the Big Smoke.

McQueen the Play review will be live on Lady Loves Fashion next week, so make sure you are subscribed to be the first to read!

Natalie & Danielle xx

//This is NOT a sponsored post//


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