Minimal Monday: ZARA Sleeveless Tunic & Matching Cropped Trousers | Lady Loves Fashion

Sometimes, an item I wouldn’t normally wear catches my eye. I can be prone to more minimal tones, shades of white, grey, black and beige. But there are those rogue items lurking in my closet that defy the rules of my minimal normality.

This two piece item, is hardly steering that way off my usual taste. The colour, more than anything, is what stands out as being different. The cut and shape of the wide leg cullotte style trousers has a flattering appeal. I really like how they fit and sit on. My only drawback is that the zip is a) visible and b) right down the middle at the front. With that being said, I do love that the top is longer so the fact I have a problem with the zip, in this instance, is not a big deal.

The Sleeveless Tunic Top is a lovely fit. Nice and snug, although I think I would consider trying the top in a larger size to see if it had more of an oversized look to it, which I think I would prefer. The length is perfect for wearing with the trousers (seeing as I do not like the exposed zip). As well as being versatile enough to wear with jeans or leggings. 

It really is such a nice little combo. Striking. Strong. And of course, minimal. What do you think?

Shop Zara Sleeveless Top & Cropped Trousers

Love Danielle & Natalie 


Words by Danielle Alexandria

This is NOT a sponsored post. 


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