CULTURE | 5 reasons we love Magazine Brighton 

 As Magazine Brighton approach their 1st     birthday we just had to share with you all this amazing little shop, which will soon also be available online.  
It’s one of our favourite places for soo many  reasons so we thought instead of waxing lyrical about why you should be shopping here we would instead keep it simple, much like the ethos of Magazine Brighton and give you our top 5 things we love about this place! So here goes! 

1: It’s located in the former Hybrid Boutique  premises! Yes that’s right, the little shop where our sister company was born during a 9 month long pop-up  is now the permanent home to this great little shop. We’ve had a many a good time here, and it’s where we first started to work together, therefore it’s very dear to our hearts as its previous tenants. 

2: It’s owner Martin is one of the loveliest, worldly and coolest people we know, earning himself the nickname ‘Marty Bear’ to us! (Sorry Martin it’s a compliment I swear!) 

3:  It has an AMAZING selection of magazines! Over 200 in fact! We have both always been passionate about magazines of the physical kind, you know the ones you can touch, and smell and pour over for hours at a time.  It specialises in anytime that isn’t mainstream, and whether you are into food, fishing or fashion they are certain to have a title for you. 

4: It sells all our hard to locate favourites, such as The Glass Magazine (our friend and LFW FROW buddy Liam is the Design Editor), Milk and The Gentlewoman. In addition it has introduced us to many new favourites such as Frankie from Austraila, for which we are forever indebted! 

5: When we buy our magazines here we get a real feel good factor, because not only do we get to have to have chat with Martin or one of his lovely team, and walk out with some fabulous inspirational reading material but we also know that we are supporting a local shop, owned by a local guy that is doing his bit to make his community that little bit more interesting. 

 Natalie & Danielle xx 

//This is NOT a sponsored post//

All images from Magazine Brighton 


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