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A beach day in October – who would have thought! We took a lovely stroll to the beach yesterday, gorgeous sand, beautiful scenery. It really was just perfect.

I decided to opt for the ultimate in beach dressing – Free People. Their dresses are so bohemian and divine, you can’t help but feel amazing when you wear them. This one was a gift from Free People PR (last year when we went to Secret Garden Party with the Free People crew). A gorgeous tie die maxi dress with a revealing low back. My favourite thing about this dress (aside from the low back) is comfort. It looks sexy and very eye catching but has an oversized fit which makes it perfect for me. I like clothes that drape the body, have an air of sexiness without being obvious. Mr LL said I have been turning heads all day! Dress envy for sure. 

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lady loves fashion, holiday attire,  ootd, wiw, danielle alexandria I teamed this maxi dress with a simple white bikini from Bodas and my SUPERGA leopard flats, these shoes really go with anything and make walking around so easy because your feet never get sore! Win win! The dress itself is super easy to step in and out of for quick dressing, or undressing. I really could not have planned a more relaxing, easy look if I tried. (Short of just wearing a bikini and nothing else).

The beach is laden with lots of caves and a gorgeous rustic cliff back drop. Much much better than the main beach further down the road. With this one you feel more secluded, hardly anyone on the beach and it has really nice little beach restaurants which make stopping for lunch super easy as its on the doorstep.

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We walked a good few miles down the beach, went for a walk around the town then headed back along the beach to go for lunch. The tide had started coming in and by the time we made it back to the secluded beach a sea mist had rolled in – you could not see behind you or in front of you for that matter! We ran for some lunch (I was slightly conscious about getting stuck – mid cave) before heading back to our hotel. Just in time for the mist to clear and let us get on with some pool side sunbathing. 

 lady loves fashion, danielle alexandria, beach portugal, free people low back maxi dress, what i wore 
It really has been the best few days so far. 

More holiday updates to come soon. Am I making you jealous yet? 😉

Love Danielle (in Portugal) & Natalie (in Poland)


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