Christopher Kane SS16 Preview


London fashion week was a hectic one for us, as our first official fashion week as Lady Loves, we spent an amazing week running around from show to presentations, to parties to lunches so we hardly had a chance to look up from our schedules to keep an eye on what else was going on.   

Therefore we were delighted to have been granted a very special invitation a few days later to be the first to view the Christopher Kane  Ss16 collection in the flesh, as shown just 3 days earlier on his Catwalk show, at his Mount Street store. Even more exciting was the fact that he would be presenting the collection personally! 
Wild horses couldn’t keep me(Natalie) away from this one, as Christopher Kane is without a doubt one of my all time favourite designers, I even have a dress from his Central St Martins MA graduate collection. Sadly Danielle was struck with a horrible bug and so couldn’t make it so I took my lovely charming fiancé, dance music producer Hysteric ego with me and we made it date night! 


Mr &Mrs LL A.K.A Hysteric Ego

In typical fashion week style we arrived to a champagne reception, and some delicious canapés. We were also invited to enter a prize draw that would be chosen by Christopher later that night to win a dress from the SS16 collection as well as a bag from the new collection. Obviously I made sure that my fiancé also entered! 

Christopher selects a winner

I decide for the event to wear a few Kane archive  pieces and so selected a statement gel bag, and matched this with a T-shirt from the same season, which I mixed with a leather All Saints Skirt and Faux leather jacket from Jakke. I teamed this with a pair of Christopher Kane for Versus red satin and velvet heels. 


Wearing Christopher Kane Archive pieces with All Saints and Jakke
The store itself is a beautifully spacious and luxurious environment and the bright light offered itself perfectly to the vibrant new season collection which had been displayed for us to peruse, as well as being live modelled at our request, something the attentive Kane team made sure was readily available. 


Models wearing SS16

I, like a kid in a candy store got stuck straight in, and it really was such a pleasure to touch the ACTUAL garments that had just a few days earlier been parading down the runway on the models. As the collection is all multicolured neon popping shades it again was totally up my street! My wish list therefore is looooong! Lol 


The collection itself is based around the idea of ‘Crash and repair’ and has, as many of Kane’s collections do, an aspect of autobiographical surrounding it, as Kane lost his mother this year and so the crash and repair refers to his and his sister Tammy’s own healing process following this. 


As well as this reference expressively it can also be seen more physically in the patchwork construction within the pieces and each of these have been individually stitched together to form the garments rather then created as a whole piece. It’s this kind of attention to detail, the painstaking process he deliberately chooses that makes Kane such a special and unique designer. 

Other garments have been spray painted individually, and as Kane stated on the evening this was done consciously in order to avoid things such as sploges of paint in certain areas such as the bust or crouch. He wants you to be able to wear his designs and feel confident, not self aware. Again this is evidence to his skill as a designer who wants his pieces to actually be worn and loved by real women, rather then as spectacle for celebrity clients, and again he spoke of how sheer garments shown on his LFW catwalk show would be lined for his showroom to meet the needs of his less risqué clients. 


Another inspiration for Kane was the work of John Chamberlains ‘car crash’ sculptures, and Kane has also referenced artistic influences including Pop art and New Primitivism, again cementing the designer as an artist himself. Kane’s AW15 collection was inspired from his own interest in Life drawing and one can safely assume that art will continue to be an underlying theme throughout his work in the coming seasons. It is exactly this approach that makes Danielle and I so passionate about his work, coming ourselves from fine art and fashion &  design history backgrounds. 

Having fully emershed myself in his collection and inspirations, it was at this point one of the team leaned in towards me to announce that Christopher ‘had just arrived!’ Obviously I couldn’t contain my excitement! 

Feeling more excited then Xmas Eve!

And it wasn’t long before I got my chance to chat with the designer himself over a glass of champagne. 

Christopher and I talk hometowns

So what did we talk about? The new collection? His inspiration? Nope. I had already heard all that from his well versed team. Instead we chatted about where we both grew up, his bus journey through my home part of London, Peckham, on his way to St Martins as a student and discovered that he and Danielle are actually from similar parts of town in Scotland. When I introduced her via our business card his response was ‘this girl’s from Coatbridge and is into minimal styling?! This I’m gonna check out!’ Before bursting into amused laughter and tucking our business card into his pocket! Which, having heard Danielle’s stories I totally got! True to his word Kane has since started following us on Instagram! #dreamcometrue

As well as chatting with the charmimg Mr Kane I also met a fabulous fellow blogger who took the picture of my outfit above and discovered she also works with Fashion Scout so we talked all things London fashion week until the prize draw. Sadly neither of us won, but the evening was a treat enough and I am already saving hard for SS15! 

Natalie & Danielle xx


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