Boston & Boston | JAS MB bag 

If you’ve been paying attention to our Instagram feed recently you would have noticed a new addition that has rarely left my (Natalie) side. A gorgeous little cream and tan leather number that goes with just about everything. 


I am talking of course about my newest handbag addition, which I got from the wonderful website Boston & Boston, a secret little online website selling gorgeous accessories by the very best upcoming designers. Heavily curated by its in-the-know Fashion PR owners, it sells only the strongest pieces by designers such as Jas MB, Sam Ubhi, Fedon and Age of Reason. As such it has become mine and Danielle’s first stop when looking for unique gifts, be that for others or for ourselves. 
But back to the bag! For a while I’ve wanted a bag that would work for both my busy schedule as a mum as well as looking good with my outfits for events such as London Fashion week. A multi-tasker that I can grab when in a hurry, that would go with everything and would still look amazing. I also wanted something practical, so that I could still hold my toddler sons hands while crossing the road, balancing my coffee along with half a dozen dinosaur toys and my phone! Therefore the moment I clapped eyes on this piece by Jas MB I knew I had struck gold! 


Relaxed weekend dressing
Another day, another outing for my new bag
Goofing about at LFW , bag in hand once again!

It’s shoulder strap means that I can go no handed, but it’s also roomy enough to stash the strap in and hold as a clutch. It has three inside compartments with two smaller ones which again are very handy for quick distribution of business cards, contacless card and so on. Also, as it’s still fairly small it has forced me into editing what I take out with me on a day to day basis, and I can double it up with a second larger bag for meetings and so on. 
Most importantly however is that it looks gorgeous! Substance is nothing without style!
Handmade in London, its distressed white leather, contrasts perfectly with the warm tan leather and gold hardware, meaning it looks just as great with ripped jeans as it does dressed up for evenings. It’s smells pretty amazing too! 
Even better I got it in the sale, meaning it was reduced from £250 to £150! They still have a good selection of Jas MB bags within the sale so make sure to head over and check out the amazing treasure trove of a website by clicking here

It’s already proved its weight in gold, and has accompanied me to London fashion Week, two fashion exhibitions and a weekend away in Warsaw! 

Natalie x 


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