Christmas Gift Guides 2015 – Lady Loves Home Making

As we continue on the theme of Christmas Gift Guides this week, we had to share with you some of our favourites for the Home Makers in your life. As we get older, I think we start to appreciate things more in life. We start to care more about quality rather than quantity. For us, we see household items just as appealing as a new fashion item. Oh gad did I just say that out loud. Homewares over handbags? Ok maybe sometimes! Whether it’s appliances, projects or decoration. We have it covered below.

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Kenwood KVC5000 Chef Sense Stand Mixer – This exclusive to John Lewis Kenwood Chef Sense Stand Mixer, is the must have appliance for the home maker in your life. Available in a selection of pastel shades there is one to suit everyones kitchen tastes. The Kenwood Chef Sense comes with three attachments, K-Beater, Whisk and Dough Hook. It is so easy to use and has a nifty little button on the side to make changing the attachments simple and mess free. It has all you need to get make your baking life easier! What is even better, is that John Lewis are offering a free glass blender and food processor attachment when you purchase the Kenwood Chef Sense before 10th January 2016! An even better incentive to invest.

Kenwood 2Go Sport – For the health conscious and smoothie lovers this is the perfect gift! Super easy to use – literally bung it all in, turn it on and voila – smoothie in seconds! It is very easy to clean, which I find to be really important when it comes to these sorts of things. There is nothing worse than having multiple components with impossible to reach nooks and crannies that you cannot for the life of you, despite trying – get in to. This is the prime reason why my juicer lies in the depths of the back of the cupboard. Too. Much. Hassle. This beauty however, is not. Ultimate winner. Great ones for families too. Get the kids hooked!

Annie Sloan Mini Project Pack Starter Kit – A great Christmas gift for the project lover! Annie Sloan is the queen of the distressed furniture look and is one of the most respected in her industry. The colours of her paints are amazing!! This Mini Project Pack comes complete with all the components you need to get started on transforming a piece of furniture. Believe me, once you get started, you will not be able to stop. Before you know it, you will be online buying new shades of paint and transforming any piece of furniture you can find. A great one for those that like to transform and restore.

Annie Sloan Burgandy Reed Diffuser – As well as chalk paint and soft wax, Annie Sloan also offers a variety of home fragrances and candles. This Burgandy Scent Reed Diffuser, comes beautifully packed, in a gorgeous glass design with pointed glass topper. A great gift for any home maker. Every one loves a new scent to spruce a room up with. This one though, is so elegant it would take pride of place in the main room or bedroom. You will be temped to keep this one so best to buy one for yourself as well.

Candles are the perfect gift for the home maker in your life. Especially if candles are their thing. You can really indulge in beautiful scents that can transform your mood and your living space. We have collated some of our favourite candles, different to those that are more obvious choices, such as Diptique, Jo Malone. As beautiful as they are, we just love the selection we have for you below.

White Gardenia Yankee Candle – This gorgeously soft scented White Gardenia Pillar Candle is a great one for the minimalists in your life. A tall clean, glass design casing, with a large white pillar candle. Perfect for sitting alongside some posies on the living room table. Yankee Candles last a long time, so really, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Barbershop Yankee Candle – We just love this candle. I (Danielle) love woody scented candles, this Yankee Candle is part of a range of fragrances inspired by a classic men’s barbershop. This one, with its floral and woody tones is sure to please both partners in the home! And if your man loves a candle, this one could not be manlier. Sleek tinted glass and dark coloured candle. Ultimate winner.
Kenneth Turner Midwinter Candle In Posy Vase– we featured this lovely candle in our Lady Loves Spa Guide. But we just felt it needed special mention again. A gorgeous glass candle complete with engraved charm around the base. A great gift for someone special.

Avon Winter Nights Candle – As featured in our Lady Loves Teen Guide, this candle too was worth a mention in this guide. With its purple tinted glass and gold design, this candle is a great add on gift. Perfect to accompany the Annie Sloan Reed Diffuser. Avon are offfering Buy One Get One Half Price on their ‘Winter Nights’ products. Another excuse to buy one for yourself and give one away.

Kenneth Turner Stag Tea Light Holder – We just love this wee guy! A great stocking filler to go along with the Kenneth Turner candle. Who would not want him as a home accessory? Brilliant little gift.

Silver Pina Colada Lamp – This lamp is on the top of our wishlist. Available in a variety of colours including copper, gold and pastel shades. It is the eclectic homeware item to have. Not only does it look like a modernist statue but doubles as a handy lamp which makes it perfect for your bedside table. We featured this lamp in our Lady Loves Teen Gift Guide but feel adults would love this just as much! I know a few friends that would love a copper Pina Colada Lamp! Wishlist at the ready folks!

Let us know what homeware gifts you will be buying this Christmas in the comment box below. 

Love Danielle & Natalie 


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