Christmas Gift Guides 2015 – Getting into the Festive Spirit 

Finally rounding off our gift guides this year is our Christmas booze guide. Christmas time brings all sorts of excuses to over indulge (well for us anyway.) 

We thought we would put together a little ‘Festive Spirits’ – no pun intended – guide. Christmas brings with it, unexpected visitors. You know, family and friends from all walks of life popping by to see the kids or to drop off a card, you might not have seen them since last christmas but, it is always nice to be prepared. We came across some new contenders in the drinks category, that were worth a special mention. So stock up on these bottles of festiveness and you can wow your guests with your drinks selection when they pop round!

Mionetto Prosecco – Made in the heart of the Prosecco region, Mionetto is the creme de la creme of Prosecco’s. A great gift to welcome your guests as they come through the door on Christmas day. Or, just open a bottle when  you get the girls round to celebrate your Christmas get together. Any excuse really!

British Cassis: Truly delicious, this is the perfect addition to Champagne or Prosecco on Christmas Day or for parties. 

Penfolds Bin 28 Red Shiraz

Also featured in our men’s guide, this bottle can come in a personalised stunning red box, making it the perfect gifting choice! 

Amsterdam Vodka: Perfect for Party time, and we love the design of the bottle also! 

Shloer Pink Fizz: (for the pregnant / t-total lot): Make sure the non drinkers don’t miss out this festive season with this refreshing sparkling Shloer fruity drink. Also makes a perfect mixer with Amsterdam Vodka! 

So wherever you are. Whatever you are doing and whoever you are seeing this festive period we hope you have a wonderful time. Eat, drink, laugh, play, eat, sleep, relax, eat some more and be merry! 

Wishing you a wonderful Xmas ! 

Danielle & Natalie xx


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