Christmas in London starts with WinterWonderland 

This year my family and I have been gifted with the best present of all. Our good friend has gone to Goa for 3 weeks for the festive period and so offered us his Central London apartment for Xmas and New Year! 

As London is our favourite place we snapped at the chance to both get away for a few weeks and enjoy our favourite city together. I swear there is nothing more magical then London’s glittering lights at this time of year. It helps that we just happen to have a fantastic city skyline view complete with the ever changing lights of The Shard to keep us company at night! Just a few days in and we may never leave! 

To start the festivities off we decided to do something really Christmas-y and headed straight to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park. We’ve been wanting to go for the past couple of years but somehow time slips by and we never quite make it. This year however we had no excuses and so wrapped up warm for our night of festive fun. 

Entry to Winter Wonderland is free but we decided to enjoy a few of the attractions on offer which you pay for and booked in advance to avoid disappointment on the night. With four children to entertain, aged 3, 4, 8 and 11 we needed to make sure their were no tears to deal with! First up we headed to Zippos Circus as we decided this would be a great all rounder for our brood. Great family fun was had by all, just look at the faces of my gang, all mesmirised by the show, in which the finale, was two Moroccan  acrobats jumping, skipping and blindfolded running along a steel wheel the height of the tent, with no net or support! We were all on the edge of our seats I can tell you! (There’s a video of this on our Instagram too! Go check it out!) 



Throughly entertained we moved from the big tent into the main park, which was packed with noise, lights and the sweet smell of sugary foods and sausages. Yum! We had 45 minutes until our next stop, The Magical Ice Kingdom, so headed to the Bavarian Village for a drink and some live music and huddled around one of the open fires with a glass of Red while the kids hit the Haribo stand. Before we knew it it was time to head to the Magical Ice Kingdom. 


Walking in was a bit of a shocker, it was literally freezing, as everything in here is carved out of ice. Pure Art, there were butterfly’s, fairys, animals, giant horses and more but the best by far were the Ice Thrones where you could pose for a picture. (£10) Very David and Victoria Beckham on their wedding day! 




Then I was being huddled by the kids onto the Ice slide, which was excellent fun and didn’t give you a wet bum as you might suspect. 

Feeling totally in touch with my inner kid I agreed to join my two older daughters, India & Ivy on a ride, which started off all fun and laughter before moving into what I can only describe as demented for the final minute, spinning you so fast I actually needed help getting off afterwards I was so dizzy! The kids found this hilarious watching their mum stumble off a ride green faced. I however was now in need of another drink to steady my nerves so we headed towards the bar once more, before the kids grabbed their dad’s hands and pulled him onto the Freefall ride Hangover. He left this feeling equally traumatised and so feet firmly on the ground we finally made it to the bar where two rather good entertainers were banging out Wonderwall, Kings of Lion and Robbie Williams to the delighted crowd who were all singing along. 

 We moved from here into the food tent, where again we were entertained by performers while tucking into Bratwurst, Pretzels and chips. The kids were in their element singing along to the pop tunes being performed and we were happy as Larry to be having a night out together while the kids sung and danced. The closest to clubbing we’ve been for some years! Lol 

Tummies full we headed to the gorgeous Xmas tree for a family snap, and a wonder around the shopping village full of stunning wooden and handmade Christmas decorations before partaking in a few fairground games and then into the younger kids area to entertain the little ones, who, as total night owls were still very much awake and up for it despite it being 9.30pm! 


Luckily for us adults this area was far more my level of thrills and watching the face of my 3 year old son on the cars was the perfect end to our fabulous family night out.

There was so much we still didn’t cover, Ice Skating, The Big Wheel, plus so many fabulous bars, restaurants, and of course all the traditional fairground attractions of rides and games, and it is literally packed full of live entertainment. As a large family for us the rides were a little expensive, with the biggest thrills priced at £8 each it can quickly add up but there is so much free entertainment around that we easily got away with 2 rides each for the kids. We found the food to be fairly reasonable too, and really enjoyed what we ate. 

Would we go again? You bet you we will!! The park is open until 3rd January from 10am-10pm, closed only for Xmas Day, and you can see all that’s on offer by clicking Here


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