Tuesday Shoesday – Maison Margiela Must Have Gold Fleck Perspex Block Heeled Ankle Boots | Lady Loves Fashion

We are just loving these Tan Leather Ankle Boots from Maison Margiela at Lady Loves HQ! They had us at the block heel! Just look at its opulent construction! A perspex heel with gold flecks inside, so you can dazzle as you walk. I (Danielle) love that the style of the ankle boot is fitted. And that the toe, has a roundness to it rather than a squareness. A truly versatille pair of leather tan boots that can be worn throughout the seasons.

 maison margiela clear perspex gold flexk block heel tan leather ankle boots netaporter 
I can think about lots of different outfits these boots would go with, from denim jeans and a minimal knit for a relaxed daytime look in winter, then teamed with some cropped trousers or shorts in spring with an asymmetrical white t shirt. For those of you embarking on the ‘capsule wardrobe‘ phenomenon, these boots are a pricey yet worthwhile investment because they can be transitioned through the seasons, which means it frees up your options when adding pieces to your capsule collection, each season.

As ankle boots go, these are definitely on my wishlist. My 30th is coming up so perhaps these might make it into my basket and onto my feet in time for that day. (2nd of March FYI).

Let us know what you Think of these boots in the comment box below, worth the purchase?


Danielle & Natalie


Words by Danielle.

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