Assessing The Style Of My 20’s Whilst On The Brink Of Turning 30 | Lady Loves Fashion 

I have been wardrobe rummaging a lot recently. It seems a change is in the air, I’m turning 30 in just a few weeks (2nd of March) and I (Danielle) find myself feeling less satisfied with my wardrobe options as the days go on. Things that once got my heart skipping a beat seem now to just ‘not fit in‘ with my current style visions. Could the coming of age be changing my outlook on what I like and dislike? 

I started to try on some of my clothes and reliving the moments they were worn in a Carrie Bradshaw aka Sex and the City kind of way. Deciding what to keep and what go get rid of. Sadly the girlfriends and fizz were missing so I just had a good old fashion show for myself in front of the mirror!

I thought it would be funny to share some of those wardrobe experiences with you all, having seen what my style is now, some of you might find this amusing. I’m also selling everything on eBay so be sure to click on the images if you want to own a piece of the Lady Loves Archive.

Crop tops? Surely these should be banned from the age of 25! 
 topshop jumper on sale at ebay  
Ok this I actually kind of still love. I bought it for our trip to Venice as I needed a nice evening jumper and this one was sparky with an open back. 
Ahh how tight everything is. I must have loved a good body con item in my twenties it seems. While this little jumper is still gorgeous, I prefer my knitwear more minimal and oversized than hugging my frame!

I know I know. A dress with polka dots. Who am I??! The truth with this one is it was given to me so it’s not actually my style and I haven’t ever worn it. I have a bit of a pet hate for polka dots. Just. Can’t. Do them. 
Ahh the festival vibe with this top. Suede effect tops were all the rage a few years ago. Iv worn this a few times but it doesn’t warrant a staying place into my thirties. Everyday tank in tan. Great texture. But not for me. 
Ahh, my Rolling Stones tee. Back in my rock chic days banging away to Q.O.T.S.A and Motörhead to name just a few. This tee really relives my youthful twenties. Reading festival, university. I’ll say no more. 
Ahh Peplum tops. This was a panic buy because I needed an outfit for my cousins leaving party. It was one of those “we can’t leave town until I have something” moments. So naturally after the party, I didn’t really wear it again. Still flattering though.
Ha! Oh dear! Crop tops??! Again! Your too old put it away! 
This was when I was going through my oversized Olsen inspired stage (circa 2007) where everything was dark or grey and work with leggings and heels. This is a gorgeous oversized top. And one of the ones that might make it back into my wardrobe … We shall need to wait and see. 

Ahh I celebrated my 28th birthday in this top. Then never wore it again. I seem to be a bit terrible for wearing things once. Maybe migrating to a more minimal capsule wardrobe will stop this from happening. What a waste!

girl in floral tunic top, floral tunic top pins and needles urban outfitters, lady loves fashion

Florals, colour?? Who even am I in this top. I can only think the sun was shining and I could possibly have been drunk when purchasing this top. It’s lovely. The shape is nice. But too much for my now streamlined minimal self. 

A small insight into my youth, only two more bin bags to go through! I will be selling everything on my eBay page so check it out, you might grab a bargain and get to own a piece of Lady Loves Fashion history!

How has your style changed with age? Let us know in the comment box below.


Danielle & Natalie


Words by Danielle 

This is NOT a sponsored post


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