Courtois VTG Concept Store 


So, you may have noticed that I (Natalie) have been a little on the quiet side the past couple of  weeks. Luckily the best perk of being part of a blogging Duo, aside from having someone to share all the fun with of course,  is that Danielle has kept things moving at full steam with her amazing outfit posts and musings while I’ve been busy beavering away on a new business and so, after numerous 6am- midnight shifts I can share my good news with you all finally and that is that I’ve been crazy busy preparing and opening my new shop right in the heart of Brighton’s historic and world famous North Laines. 

As my background is in fashion retail & personal styling, needless to say I’ve been like a kid in a candy store, busying myself with various life altering and all important choices such as wooden or copper hangers? Which colour tissue paper and bags to choose and which props look best where ( I jest of course but these ARE actually really important decisions to be made!)


The reality has been that in just under 3 weeks I have found a property in my dream location, negotiated & signed a lease, redecorated, sourced stock, come up with a brand name and identity, sourced furniture and props, created a business plan, prepared a marketing strategy and managed to squeeze in 14 days of trading thus far! Oh, and somehow managed to juggle all this with 4 kids in tow! PHEW! So you’ll forgive me for the lack of selfies! The bags under my eyes are NOT SUITABLE FOR SHARING! LOL. Note to self: research best under eye creams to banish dark circles!- Blog post coming soon…..

 Anyway. I’ve opened my very own shop! (Squeals with excitement!) And its called  Courtois VTG Concept Store (pronounced Coo-Twa). As a fashion historian, I will be selling the very best of fashion forward and high end vintage fashion, cherry picked by my own fair hand for men, women and kids, as well as mixing this with emerging designers (such as those Danielle and I spot at London Fashion Week) and emerging and established lifestyle brands. As its got my name above the door its a real personal statement of all the things I love and know others will love too. Be that a handmade card, to a 1970s party frock by a great unknown, to a gorgeous scented candle, to homewares, funky kids fashion and toys, to a fantastic 1950s Hardy Aimes leather handbag, to jewellery by Mojiana (Who I also brand manager for and wear 24/7!)   

 It’s a concept store rather then a ‘vintage boutique’ and so we will be using the store to host events, pop ups and more and so the focus will always remain on amazing, high quality and interesting design from both the past and present with a unique story to go with the products themselves. The mood will constantly change, because that’s the nature of fashion of course, but the pieces we will sell are pieces you’ll love forever, hand-down to your kids and create envy from your friends!
In addition to all this fabulousness Danielle and I will also be opening our very own Lady Loves concession within the store, where each month we will showcase the products we both can’t live without and blog about. The first instalment will hit late March/Early April and although I can’t say to much yet, I can reveal that the first of these will be a beauty edit, so defiantly keep your eyes peeled for further updates on this!

As yet I haven’t a website for the store (that’s this weeks job!) but for now you can follow us by clicking over on Instagram and Facebook.

I look forward to sharing more with you, if you are local to Brighton do pop in and say HI! and don’t forget to follow both Lady Loves Online as well as Courtois Concept store to keep up to date with all thats happening with Danielle and I.

Natalie & Danielle xx









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